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» » Michael Masters Trisha Parks - Mighty Girl's Destruction: The Return of Faust (primalfetishnetwork) HD 720p

Michael Masters Trisha Parks - Mighty Girl's Destruction: The Return of Faust (primalfetishnetwork) HD 720p

21-05-2023, 15:22 | By uploadhdporn 2
Michael Masters Trisha Parks - Mighty Girl's Destruction: The Return of Faust (primalfetishnetwork) HD 720p

This video is a PARODY. No copyrighted character is actually portrayed in the production.Continuation of the Mighty Girl Saga which began with Mighty Girl--Mind Controlled XXXScene 1(Scene opens with Mighty Girl, in her Superheroine costume, looking into the mirror, and holding her lower abdomen, and turning sideways, as if to imagine herself carrying a full-term baby in there. She closes her eyes, and flashes of her experience with Dr Faustcan be seen, perhaps with one ending with him explaining to her about her fertility and her becoming pregnant as a result of his attack.Might Girl: I still cant look at myself in the mirror despite Zalkanas spell of changing my appearance. All I can see is that Vial animal pounded me, reducing me into a whore, to service his sick lust. I will not rest until I destroy him and make him pay for the suffering he has put me through.Mighty Girl is seen becoming more angered and incensed as she finishes this recollection, and exits, as if on a mission of revenge)Scene 2(Open up toSchool Girl use school uniforms on the floor and she is wearing panties that has been pulled tightly into her and no bra strapped up against a wall with her arms above, and legs spread, as Dr. Faust, in not his usual garb, uses a Hitachi vibrator to force her to cum explosively.)School Girl:(Screaming, but very unconvincingly, with what wed call bad acting.) No! Please don't do this! Dont make me cum Im not going to let you!(School Girl climaxes as in the exact moment that Mighty Girl enters the room)School Girl: Im cumming!!!!!Scene 3(Open up,Mighty Girl, standing in a superheroine pose, coming to. The camera slowly moves back to reveal her finding herself, once again, in the same spell circle Mighty Girlbegins to panic, as she looks up to find Dr. Faust ANDSchool Girl who is still only wearing panties looking at her with menacing eyes.)Mighty Girl:(frantically) No! I CANT go through this AGAIN!! I cant be turned into a whore!!!!!Dr. Faust:Oh, dont fret, my dear! It wont be the will be MUCH MUCH WORSE!!!(Dr. Faust once again gives Mighty Girla vial of his potion as he did in MINDCONTROL, she drinks it)There, there, Mighty Girl..Your invulnerability wont be affected; but just like our special day together last time, all of the sensations you will have will be magnified!Mighty Girl:(looking at School Girl)II thought.this..this is what I get for saving you??!!School Girl:(laughingly)You didn't save me from anything other then having multiple orgasms!(becoming more angry)You see, Faust here is my friend with benefits, and you just happened to burst in on our role playing game!(Faust then uses the circles power to force Mighty Girl into standing spread eagle, not quite a wide split, but enough to spread her standing legs significantly)Dr. Faust :You almost ripped off my cock and balls and now it is time for some pay back bitch. You bruised and battered my manhood and I cant get it to work properly without using magic. So I will now make you feel the same way that I do I will make you feel so much pleasure and pain!!!! That your brain will be fried forever.(Faust kicks might girl like a punt right between her legs.)Mightygirl: Arhhh!!You bastard!!!!School Girl: You should pay more respect to the step-father of your unborn child, bitch!!!!!(After a moment of massaging her bruised cunt she is forced back into her superheroine pose. At this point, taking turns, Faust and School Girl start kicking Mighty Girl between her legs causing her to react intensely. As she screams and curses and each time rubbing her abused pussy )Mightygirl:(screaming)AHHHH!! You're beating my cunt!! NOOOOO!!! OH GOD MY PUSSY!!!!(Dr. Faust then Kicks Might Girl so hard that Mighty Girl falls onto all fours, with her ass and pussy higher up yet staying in a split like position, but on her knees. FaustandSchool Girl resume kicking her in this position until one final kick by Faust.)Mightygirl:FUCK!!!!!!!YOUR BUSTING MY CUNT!!OH GOD THE PAIN IS TOOMUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU SICK DEMENTED VILLIANS!!!!!!!!!School Girl: Whats wrong?(mockingly)Cant you take it like a Super heroine??(Dr. Faust stops kicking but keeps her in this position and then begins to force Might Girl to grab her superhero costume leotard at the crotch and pull it up causing the front and back bury itself into her body, (camel toed) not to mention causing great discomfort and pain.)Mightygirl:(screams)OH, GOD!!! IT HURTS!!!!! DAMN YOU, FAUST, YOU SICK BASTARD!! YOUR MAKING ME PULL IN IN TOO DEEP!!!!(Might Girlis forced into a standing position by how strong she is pulling on her costume)School Girl:Oh Look pudden see how the hoe is being made to saw her cunt and ass in halfMightygirl:No, No, No, MY PUSSY IS BEING SAWED IN HALF!!!! MY ASS IS GOING TO BRAKE!!!( Shot is shown closely how it is being pulled into her and then she slowly is forced to turn around showing her ass as her costume is buried deep into her. Mighty Girl is forced bend over still holding her costume tight and Faustand the school girl then take turns spanking Mighty Girls ass checks making her scream with each slap)School Girl:(tauntingly)You have been a naughty little superheroine..Oh look how red her ass is getting makes me want to take a bite out of it like a shiny red apple.(Faust takes this opportunity to force Mighty Girl to rip her entire leotard off again By ripping it through her pussy and ass and then over her head. Exposing her entire body. and then brings her down onto all fours. Faust then looks over at School Girl, who is excitingly looking on at all the action, he gestures to her with his head and offers her his hand, walking her over toMighty Girl, almost Victoriangentlemen-like, kissing her hand and she makes her way over.She lays down right in front ofMight Girl, with her pussy below her head, bringing Mighty Girls head down to meet it.)Dr Faust:Now, Im not one to be selfish Mighty Girl!(laughs)Now, MAKE my girl here cum, Mighty Whore!!!Schoolgirl:. Assuming she can, my darling..(to Faust)(Might Girl takes off school girls panties slowly and reluctantly)Mightygirl: You cant do this to me! I am not some whore do you hear me I am mighty mrrrrrphh(Mightygirlis forced to go down on School Girl,with MGs head buried into school girl pussy to stop her speaking and then, she uses her mouth teasingly, and then full-on, until School Girl cums loudly.)Schoolgirl:Im cumming!(bringing herself to sitting after cumming. She looks at Faust(grabs Mighty girls nipples and pulls both tight and says to her)Thanks for the mammaries (laughs and starts to pull them in different directions)Mightygirl:You maniacal bitch you ripping my nipples off!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARHHHH!!!!!Schoolgirl:My turn to have a taste of some super cunt..(Faust forces Mighty Girl to collapse again onto the floor and turn over onto her back. School Girlgets on top of her in a 69 position and the two begin to eat each other out until Mighty Girlis forced to cum. In the midst of all this, Faustthen makes his way behind School Girl, and starts to finger her as she is making Mighty Girl cum.)Mightygirl:(screaming)Ohhhhhhhyou're making me cum!!!!Schoolgirl:Pudden your making me cum !!!! (Both women scream in pleasure)(Dr. Faust remains in the circle with Mighty Girl as School girl walks off, soon returning with a video camera and a tripod, aiming it directly at the circle.)Mightygirl:(looking at the camera)What the fuck!! What do you think you're both doing!!?Schoolgirl:(giddy like, hopping slightly up and down)Hee, hee..I always wanted to direct!Dr. Faust:Its simple, Mighty Girl.We are going to video tape you having your way with me but to the rest of the world they are going to see Billy Batson and if I ever see you again or anything happens to me I will have it released all over the Internet and you will be destroyed MightyGirl! Hahahahaha!!! And I placed a spell on my Cock that will make you feel like I am ripping you to shreds but you will orgasm over and over like a dirty little slut that you are!!!!Mightygirl:Oh my god Faust you monster you cant do this to me. She made me cum twice already I cant take much more. Why are you doing this to me???Dr. Faust:Oh my simple minded Mighty Bitch! I will make you into a quivering sex whore and pain and pleasure will could your mind so much that you will never feel normal again HA HAHA HA HA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Dr. Faust says mumbling words a spell and then his costume is gone and he is completely naked.)Mightygirl: Oh my god Faust, you really do look like Billy Batson the only person that I failed to save. Why would you do that???Dr. Faust: Mighty Bitch! I know you continue to have nightmares about failing poor Billy Batson. I was responsible for the fact he died and you could not save him and now his face will give you nightmares for other reasons as well. Not only that, but if the video is released people will think you failed him because you had a lovers quarrel and you will be ruined in the eyes of the masses as well. HA HA HA HA HA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mightygirl:YOU BEAST!!!!!!!! I wont do anything with you!!!! I will resist your mind control. I must resists.(Faust forces Mighty Girl to her feet momentarily, as he moves under her and through mind control Mighty Girlis forced to straddle Faust, and then might girl begin riding the FAUST at first slow and then more vigorously. In the middle of this, School Girl makes her way over to Mighty Girl, and gives her a drink from another vial.)Dr. Faust:(as he's being ridden)Ahhhh, once again..this is going to make you so much tighter!! AHHHHH!!(Mighty Girl is forced to ride him up and down, and grind him back and forth, all the while forced to play with her clit and tits.The agony she is feeling is paramount, yet her voice makes is clearer and clearer that her body is giving in to the pleasure of another upcoming orgasm.)Mightygirl:(being forced to scream)Im such a dirty slut! Im such a fucking whore!!(struggling to say what she wants as opposed to what Faust makes her say)Ahhhhhhh!!! Fuck Me!!!(Finally) OH GOD I AM CUMMMINGG!!!!!!!!IM YOUR FUCKING BITCH WHORE!!!!! BILLY I LOVE YOUR COCK!!! AHHHHHHHHH! JUST FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME!!!!!MY CUNT CANT GET ENOUGH OF YOUR COCK!!!!!!!!(School Girl shuts off the camera and is then seen making her way behind Mighty Girl as she lying over Faust with him still insider her, and School Girl shoves a strap on that she is wearing into Mighty Girls ass)Schoolgirl:Do try to tense up now, honeyMightygirl:(taken by surprise; in pain)OHHHHH NOOOOO!!!!! NOT MY ASS AGAIN!!!!! NOOOOO!!! STOP!!!! STOP!!! STOP!!!Dr. Faust:Oh yesssss, Mighty bitch!!(laughs)Shove that thing in her, my darling! Make her feel the pain my balls are still feeling!!(toSchool Girl)(Faust Forces many kisses on mighty girls mouth a breasts sucking on her nipples as he is doing that then Mighty Girl orgasms)Mightygirl:Im Cumming,Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! You monsters forced me to cum again!!!!!!! Each time I cum my pussy and ass hurts worse and worse what did you do to me!!!!Dr. Faust:Its simple each time you cum your ass and cunt get tighter and tighter until you feel like your insides will implode. Your pleasure leads to more pain!!!!Schoolgirl:(Singing as she is fucking mighty girls ass)This is the way we Fuck your holes, fuck your holes, fuck your holes, This is the way we Fuck your holes, so early in the morning. Take it like a little bitch little bitch, little bitch take it like a little bitch you dirt little whore.(Schoolgirl starts to pound Might girls ass really hard)Mighty Girl:You sick Demented Bitch (with anger in her face.) YOUR BRUTLIZING MY ASSSS!!!!!! OH FUCK YOU ARE BUSTING MY ASS!!!! OH NO OH FUCK Im Cumming again Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!(SchoolGirl is again pulling on Might Girls breasts as she is fucking her ass and Faust is forcing lots of kisses on might girls Mouth)(Faust then cums loudly with grunts and pushes Mighty Girl up and off of his cum is shown coming out of her. After wards she is pushed forward causing her to move forward)Mighty Girl:FAUST YOU ANIMAL YOU CAME INSIDE ME AGAIN! OH GOD MY PUSSY IF FILLED WITH YOUR CUM!!!!!!Dr. Faust:At least you wont get pregnant this time (Laugh manically, Then makes a very serious face and points at his own face) THIS IS is the face of your destruction.(before Faust enters Might Girls ass, he has School girl give MG yet again, another vial)Dr. Faust:Drink up again, my dear. This vial will make you tighter yet!! Ooooooo, I cant wait!!I AM GOING TO WEAR YOUR ASS like A CONDOM!! TIGHT!!!(It becomes harder and harder for Faustto even push himself inside her, as it is shown, with every slight push deeper inside, Mighty Girlis writhing harder and harder in pain as she is forced to continue to play with herself through the entire ordeal.)Mightygirl:Oh God its breaking my ass AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!(screams)Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Oooooooooo!!!DEAR GOD, Youre FUCKING ME TO DEATH!! Im BEGGING YOU!!!!(Faustis merciless pounding into her making her scream and beg. School girl is taunting and laughing and playing with herself as she is enjoying the scene and then she moves to Might Girl pulling her hair up and forces kisses on her mouth and tormenting Might girls breasts )Mightygirl:Please take it out!!!! My ass is being destroyed!!!,.. YOURE RIPPING ME TO SHREDS!!!!(Uncontrollable screaming) ARHHHHH!!!!!MY ASSS!!!YOUREFUCKING MY ASSS!!!! OH FUCK Im CUMMMMING AGAIN!!!!! NOT AGAIN!!!! (Cumms Loudly and convulsing)LET ME SUCK YOU!!! LET ME RIDE YOU AGAIN JUST STOP BREAKING MY ASS!!!!!Faust, cums in her ass with a loud orgasm and then he pulls out as cum is shown oozing out. After a moment or two,Faust pushes his cock towards Mighty Girls face, showing her how he is still hard, in an almost threatening manner. Might girl also has not been allowed to stop masturbating during her ass fucking)Mightygirl:OH MY GOD!!Schoolgirl:Oh let me see those ( again school girl grabs and pulls mighty girls nipples and then sucks on them for a few moments) Nope, dont got MILK!!.Dr. Faust:Hahaha!!........ One more time, whaddya say?..... Hahaha!!Mightygirl:No please kill me I cant take that again!!!!(School Girl gives her the final vial making her the tightest she can possibly be and then Mighty girl screams as her holes close tighter holding her pussy and ass. Faustenters in her ass again grunting as he pushes in even slower and it is more difficult due to her getting tighter again.)Schoolgirl:Might bitch this is going to hurt you way worse then its going to hurt me (toFaust) No need to take it easy on the slut, baby..(As Faust enters her ass again school girl is wildly masturbating )Dr. Faust:(Manically laughing)Now,. This is what I call tight!!(Faust pushes into Mighty Girls ass very slowly a little at a time showing more difficulty then the first time due to the tightness. Then his sheer force opens her ass and he pounds it hard and pulling on her hair as he pounds her ass. He holds on to her hair as he is riding a horse holding its mane, Schoolgirl has a loud organism)Dr. Faust:Mighty bitch I can also change the size of My cock, as well, like so!!!!!(Fausts Cock is growing inside mighty Girl making her eyes open wide and screaming)Mighty Girl: YOURE RIPPING ME TO SHREDS!!!!(Uncontrollable screaming) ARHHHHH!!!!! MYASS!!! OH FUCKING SHIT Im CUMMING FROM THE PAIN !!!!!!!! ARRRRRR cumms louly again, YOURE FUCKINGMe TOO DEEP IT IS GOING SO FAR INTO ME!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!I CANT TAKE ANYMORE!!!!!YOU ARE KILLING ME !!!!!!! SHIT I AM CUMMMING AGAIN !!!!!! FUCKKKKKKKKKKK (Cumms again in loud pain)YOUARE IMPALING ME WITH YOUR COCK!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR MAKING ME CUM TO DEATH!!!!TAKE IT OUT PLEASE DO ANTHING TO ME!!!!!!!!I WILL DO ANTHING YOU WANT TO ME TO DO INSTEAD !!!!!! OH FUCK Im cumming like a two dollar whore AHHHHHHH!!!!!! (cums again convulsing)!!!! (Crying in pain ) MY ASS MY ASS MY ASSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! YOU STEP-MOTHER FUCKING MONSTER YOUR RIPPING MY INSIDES OUT MY ASS IS DESTROYED!!!! (school Girl grabs Might girls clit and pinches) MY CLIT!!! YOU SICK BITCH YOUR RIPPING MY CLIT OFFFFFF!!!!! (Faust Keeps Pounding hard while School Girl wont let go of Mighty Girls Clit Might Girl can only moan and scream until she organism as Again FUCK CUMMING AGAIN !!!!!!! )(To Faust)YOUVE WON, DO YOU HEAR ME!! YOUVE MADE ME YOUR WHORE!! AHHHH!!!I WILL BE YOUR WHORE FOREVER STOP IMPALING ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dr. Faust:OK let me retract his cock for you!(Mighty Girl is screaming as loud coming out as it did going in)Schoolgirl: Mighty whore you screaming is music to my ears.(With this last scream, Faust takes his cock out and moves towards Mighty girls mouth)Mighty Girl:But that was so deep in my ass you cant expect me to..(Faust slams his cock into Might girls mouth and she is forced to take it hard and deep and then Faust cums explosively in Mighty Girlsmouth and it leaks all down her face as she swallows some and some leaks down her chest,)Schoolgirl: Might Bitch You are a Sucker.(Faust andSchool Girl, embrace and kiss, and walk off together, leaving Mighty Girl alone. Mighty Girl sobs on the floor, and grabs her ass and pussy as she lays on the floor.)

Title: Michael Masters Trisha Parks - Mighty Girl's Destruction: The Return of Faust
Genre: Strapon, Uniform, DP, Threesome, Anal
Time: 00:41:55
Quality: HD
Format: mp4
Size: 1.52 GB

Michael Masters Trisha Parks - Mighty Girl's Destruction: The Return of Faust (primalfetishnetwork) HD 720p

Tags: Strapon, Uniform, DP, Threesome, Anal, HD, 720p


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