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» » Addiction - Yoga Mom son sex (Fantasy/Addiction) FullHD 1080p

Addiction - Yoga Mom son sex (Fantasy/Addiction) FullHD 1080p

31-08-2020, 13:43 | By uploadhdporn
Addiction - Yoga Mom son sex (Fantasy/Addiction) FullHD 1080p

The full script. Shoot all this wide angel. Mom is in the living room, doing her Yoga workouts/positions, her son is watching her in a lustful way, while mom bends down, with her ass sticking out of those short hot pants, she notices her son looking at her ass, so she spreads her feet apart and lifts her heels bending her feet so her son can see her Archy soles(wide angle mid range shot of her feet would be great), and bends over with a smirk on her face, Son walks in (He comes into the frame) and says wow mom you look great, mom says do you like what you see baby, yes,..... mom says well your mother is going to take a shower.(For this scene its a wide angle view mostly so you can see both of the actors no POV, also other views are welcome, refer to the pictures i sent for examples)Mom and son are in the living room and mom is wearing her tight hot pants, her ass is almost bursting out of it and sports bra, while the son is just wearing his boxers. mom shows her son how to bend over and touch the toes, but he cant so mom says, come stand behind me and she bends over while her ass rubs up against her sons boxers, giving him a hard on, she then tells him to hold her waist and push into her ass tightly so she doesnt fall. then while holding her she comes back up and her sons hands are around her waist and his cock now is buried into her ass. mom notices and says what this, he says nothing. Mom suggests its better to do yoga naked, son says i dont know mom, she says its not like i havent seen it all before, your my son, he agrees and they both get fully naked. Mom lays down and shows her son some sexy stretches, and says come here and help me stretch my leg and feet, son gets down and mom puts her feet on his shoulder, while wrapping the other leg around sons waist, then tells her son to push forward her leg to stretch, his face is almost close to moms and she tells him push more, he starts to push and grind more, son gets excited because his moms sexy foot is on his shoulder and this position is very sexual. Then they get up and mom is on all fours, spreading her legs and feet apart and tells her son to come behind her, his cock is resting on her ass crack in this position, she tells him to slowly push forward on her while telling him to put his hands on both her shoulders and push/hump her to get a better stretch. Son loses balance and falls on top of moms back with his cock stuffed between moms ass cheeks,mom is flat on the ground on her stomach she says its fine and has his mom pinned down, legs spread, feet apart (His feet should be on top of hers), she tells him to get a good stretch of legs, he must put his feet on top of moms feet and force them to spread apart as much as possible, son takes this opportunity to grind on moms ass and says am i doing it right mom? she says yes baby but come put your arm around my neck and push harder into me ( at this point mom is flat on her stomach), legs apart with sons feet on her feet, his full weight is on her back with his arm around her neck, and he grinds on her fast.Mom says your cock really hard son. He says sorry mom, i dont know where to place other than between your ass cheeks, mom says i got a better place for you to place it (while still in that pinned position, she tells her son to put it in her pussy lips, son does and it goes in and she says that is better, they fuck on the floor roughly and fast in the pinned position, mom says you wanted your mothers ass all along didnt you son, you wanted to pin my feet down, didnt you naughty boy, son says mom Im about to cum mom says not yet I have to teach you one more yoga position that is from the kama sutra, they both stand up and mom tells her son to stand right behind her and she tells him to lift her up, from her thighs and slips his cock inside her from behind, he bends his legs so mom can get support, she falls back on him holding his nexk, he has her in the air fucking her holding her legs , his mom gets angry and says you motherfucker, he chases her into the bathroom and fucks her from behind with one leg and feet on the counter, he pulls her hair and mum gets away and runs back into the room and pins his mother down and fucks her doggystyle on the floor, very fast, between her legs, then finally makes his mom suck his cock fast and he cums in her mouth.The actors must be bare foot all the time, no shoes at al

Genre: Incest, MILF, Mom, Mother, Son, Taboo
Time: 00:14:45
Quality: FullHD
Format: WMV
Size: 568 MB

Addiction - Yoga Mom son sex (Fantasy/Addiction) FullHD 1080p

Tags: Addiction, Incest, MILF, Mom, Mother, Son, Taboo, FullHD, 1080p


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