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» » Adria Rae - The Consultation (PureTaboo) FullHD 1080p

Adria Rae - The Consultation (PureTaboo) FullHD 1080p

21-05-2022, 01:23 | By uploadhdporn
Adria Rae - The Consultation (PureTaboo) FullHD 1080p

SCENE OPENS as a homeowner opens their front door to greet Patricia, a teenage girl with big glasses and low self-esteem. Dressed in a frumpy pencil skirt and blouse and speaking no louder than a mouse, she is trying to sell knives door-to-door as a part-time job. While most girls are getting ready for college, Patricia is desperate to save enough money to cure her of all the torment she endured in high school. Teasing, bullying, being called flat and ugly her whole life. The homeowner tells her he isn't interested and shuts the door. CUT to another door being opened and Patricia repeating her sales pitch. They are also not interested. CUT to a third door opening just as Patricia drops open her knife case and gives her best attempt about being outgoing. This time, the homeowner asks if she offers free sharpening and, looking defeated, she says yes and steps inside. CUT to Patricia tossing the knife case in the trunk and getting into her car. It's been another unsuccessful day and she is frustrated. Just as she is about to start the engine, her phone rings. It is the office of a well-respected plastic surgeon, Dr. Swell, who she's been trying to book a consultation with for months. Surely, all her savings can afford at least one procedure to help her before she starts at jer new school. Eagerly, she speaks to the female receptionist on the other end of the line. The receptionist asks her if she is over eighteen because, those seeking surgery under age, require their parent's consent. Patricia confirms that she is eighteen and a full-fledged adult, able to make her own decisions without her parents. She even sent the doctor some photos of herself along with her application, to show him the seriousness of her situation. The receptionist takes a long pause ... long enough for the awkward Patricia to check the line. 'Are you still there?' She asks desperately. The receptionist replies that the doctor would be willing to see her today if she is available. He is working out of his private residence. She will text her the address. Patricia, elated, gets off the phone and has a private moment of excitement before driving off.

Title: The Consultation
Actress: Adria Rae
Genre: Brunette, Hardcore, Natural Tits, Small Tits, Fingering, Teen, Older / Younger, Pussy to mouth, Blowjob, Cumshot
Time: 01:01:01
Quality: FullHD
Format: MP4
Size: 2.23 GB

Adria Rae - The Consultation (PureTaboo) FullHD 1080p